Boffins Data, your gateway to Discipline Specific Global Marketing Lists and a wide range of List related Services

Who we are –

Boffins Data is a specialized Company providing precise discipline Specific Mailing Lists, and Web Scraping Services to global markets.

We have carved a niche for ourselves in Database Marketing/Marketing List providers Sector. We provide highest quality Business to Business (B2b) marketing lists in Education and (STEM) Science, Technology and Medical Research and Business and diverse Industries.

Boffins Data team comprises of vibrant and passionate group of Internet Researchers, Web Scrapers, Data Engineers, Subject Matter Experts and Quality Assurance Specialists.

Boffins Data, A One-Stop Solution for wide range of Marketing List and Web Scraping Services

  • Boffins data List are owned and maintained by us
  • We are not list brokers and we don’t rent our Lists. Once you purchase the List it is yours to use any number of times as you require
  • Our Lists are developed from wide variety of reliable sources such as Associations, guilds and not sourced from large directories
  • We are committed to provide mailing lists that are unique and reliable
  • With over a decade of experience in providing Mailing lists to clients globally we are better positioned to understand your business requirements in great depth and detail
  • We are a group of enthusiastic, Innovative, passionate multi skilled professionals in various scientific and technological Disciplines.
  • We believe in innovation and our data lists resonate our creativity
  • We value and understand the unique requirements of our clients and cater to their specific data requirements

Boffins Data Marketing Lists 

  • Comprehensive
  • Niche / Broad Spectrum of Discipline
  • Precise
  • Fits Budget and Affordable
  • User Friendly
  • Up-to-Date
  • Worldwide/ Geo-Specific
  • Designation Based
  • Academics and Research
  • Basic and Advanced Science
  • Medical and Health
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Australia and New Zealand

If you have a publication, product or a service that you wish to promote to Academicians, Medical or Health Professionals, Scientists or Researchers, Engineers or people involved in R&D or scientific Industries, Please fill in the request a quote form with details of your products / Promotions to see if we can help. We are glad to provide help with Suitable List Recommendations or customized list building.

Our Vision

To connect Businesses with their Target Market

Our Mission

To provide unique and highest quality global Mailing Lists

Our Value

Personalised, client Centric Approach