Australian Schools Marketing List

Australian Schools Marketing List

Schools in Australia –

Australian Schools are considered as one amongst the finest in the world. Their education System includes preschool, preparatory or Kindergarten, primary schools, secondary or high school, and senior secondary or college. Education in Australian last for 13 years and it is compulsory until at least the age of 16.

The Types of Schools fall under the Government or State owned Schools and Non-Government or private Schools as they are commonly known as. Schools are also classified based on their faith as Catholic, Christian or Islamic Schools and Education philosophies such as Montessori, Steiner etc.

Boffins Data’s Australian Schools Marketing lists allows Businessmen to market their product/service efficiently schools all over Australia. Classifications such as State/Non State, Faith based and education philosophy based classification provides an insight in to the Australian Academics Market, and empowers the marketing/sales team to make informed business decisions before they reach their target audience.

This Comprehensive List cover all Schools across Australia and contains the basic organisation information that includes – Organization Name, Address and Campus, Phone, Fax and generic email and website. In addition to the basic information, it includes a prime point of contact, Principal Names (with their Emails where available).

Australian Schools Mailing Lists is Ideal for any type for Marketing to Schools - Direct Marketing, Fax Marketing, Tele-Marketing or Email Marketing. Bespoke List of Targeted Designations can also be developed catered to the requirements.