DATA as Service - Automated, Fast, Reliable, Easy Web scrapping Services for any website at Affordable price!

In today’s world Data has become an inevitable asset for Key Decision making in business.

Web Scraping is an automated process of gathering data from websites. It is also known as Web Data Extraction/Web Content Extraction/Web Data harvesting/ Web data Mining etc

Would you like to convert websites into useful data that helps your business?

We offer professional Scraping services for any type of websites. Just let us know what data you need and from which website. We will scrape and deliver the data in your specified format hassle free. We provide Scalable web scraping service, delivering data at required intervals and cost-effective rates. Data Extraction from web pages is easy and simple now.

  • Travel Sites
  • Hotel and Accommodation
  • Professional Directories such as Doctors, Lawyers, etc
  • Real Estate Sites
  • Yellow Pages
  • White Pages
  • Business Directories
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Social Media Sites
  • Login Sites
  • Product Extraction Sites

These are just few examples of websites. Be it any type of website - You name it and we will scrape it for you! We’d be happy to engage in a detailed discussion with you.

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