How to Maximize Success in Marketing

MARKETING – I am assured this term would have unpacked a myriad of associative thoughts in our minds. However I’d like to direct the topic to answer the most important question every Marketer earnestly seeks – How to maximize success in Marketing?

How wonderful it would be if we could just wave a wand or utter a spell and things happened our way? Well, often reality is not magical as we sometimes wish it to be. For a moment let us take off our common “thinking hat” of Marketing as alluring the masses or selling, and envision it as a magnetic universe, where our audiences are either attracted or repelled. While there could be many factors contributing to the outcome, let us explore how to create and maximize the ambience for success.

Quantum Science suggests the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives. Only the future we choose opens while the other possible futures remain closed. I feel compelled to draw a parallel with the British Novelist C.S Lewis’s fictional forest that has multiple pools. Interestingly each pool you jump into will take you to a different world. Likewise amidst multiple options for success, let us plunge into the pool which takes us to the world of WORDS that empower Marketers.

We are aware that words have power, energy and force. It can either create a positive or negative impact. It has the ability to shift moods, change feelings, thoughts and at times mysteriously attract success or failure. For those of us who are bent on having a scientific proof to believe, Dr Masaru Emoto’s water experiment scientifically confirms the power of words. As professionals the words we use in business and marketing are subliminal messages to the human brain around us.

However it is not the words in itself that are powerful but there is a hidden force within each word that gives it the power. This influential force is called CONNOTATION, which refers to the feeling or emotion a word creates in us.

When positive connotation becomes the language of Marketers, he gains the ability to harness its creative power to make a profound impact in his field. Positive Connotations improves confidence, helps drive sales and get fresh insights; aids to establish oneself as an authority in the chosen field and reach new markets with ease. When we use words that allow people to associate with positive feelings and emotions, we become more magnetic to attract success our way.

Let us try out some examples

I am halfway through.

How does it make us feel? Did the words “through” elicit a sense of accomplishment?

Now let us try - halfway more to go

Did that make us feel a sense of distance ahead of us, sigh!

Below is a very interesting example from Earl Kings, who lay emphasis that avoiding negative connotation, can make a great impact on business

“Sign the contract” –Sign and contract are two negative words, which can create an alarming effect on our prospective customers. “Sign” creates tension and the word “contract” a sense of constriction.

How about making it “Approve the agreement” – This definitely creates a feeling of freedom of choice. Yeah that does feel at ease, after all?

“This may cost you $XXX” – Well none of us relate cost with a positive feel, which sometimes makes us step back to reconsider our decision.

Replacing it with “You may have to invest $XXXX” has a more positive, and welcoming tone.

We live in a world of connotations that resonate deeper than words. Harness the power of Positive Connotation to create an ambience for success in your Marketing or business endeavour. Subtle factors can make a great difference in the long run. Marketing is just not about influencing, it is about inspiring people by offering them solution to their problem in the form of services or products.