New Zealand Schools Marketing List

Education System in NZ

The School System in NZ comprises of 13 years of Schooling.

Primary Schools - The First level commences with Primary Schooling, for ages from 1 to 8. Such schools are called as FULL Primary School. However Primary Schools that offer Schooling from Year 1 to 6 are known as Contributing Primacy Schools.

Intermediate Schools (Year 7 and 8) - Children enrolled under contributing Primary Schools have to attend an Intermediate School to complete Year 7 and 8. This also acts as a transition from Primary to Secondary School.
Secondary School – (Year 9- 13) Secondary Schools is also called as College or High School. These are the final Years of Schooling.

Our New Zealand Schools List Comprises of Organizational Information such as Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Website for over 2000 + Schools. In addition to the Basic Organizational Information the List also includes Principal, Deputy/Assistant Principal and Key Decision Makers in IT, Business and Sports. Additional details such as Maori Medium, Special Schools and many more such classification helps you to sort out the data List as per your requirements 

This List is Ideal for Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Telemarketing.

Who can Benefit from this List

  • International Businesses Intending to expand their services to NZ Academics Market
  • Local Business Owners who intend to reach out to the NZ Academics Market
  • Businesses that has a product or Service directed towards Schools
  • People intending to establish connections with the NZ School's Key Decision Makers

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