Man, Mind and Marketing

Isn’t it interesting to note ever since life came in to existence, man and infectious diseases have been parallelly evolving and carving out their boundaries. Alongside the advancement of cutting edge technologies to combat outbreaks, diseases are becoming more innovative.

 I was intrigued by an event from the 3rd Century AD, and decided to share it here with my readers. But what does it have to do with Marketing, well let’s explore!

The word Abracadabra though is synonymous with Magic; was first used as an incantation and treatment against Malaria during the 3rd century AD. Given their era of Technological advancements it was fair enough to believe that diseases could be thwarted with these incantations and amulets.

 I invite you to construct this image with me now – You walk into the clinic, and post diagnosis you are being prescribed amulets and words to be recited three times a day before food. How does it feel to even imagine such a scene? Will we be able to accept Pharmacies selling talisman for chronic and acute Illnesses?

 Now let us shift ourselves into the future – You walk into a scanner, and you emerge out healed in 60 Seconds. As you walk in to scanner, the radiation frequency seeps through every dimension of your body, detects harmful organisms by matching their genetic material, and in a gun shot, destroys the bugs while it leaving the good ones. Complimentary, it also checks for abnormal growths and dissipates the tumour cells. No surgery, No medications boom!! You go in infected or may be with a genetic disorder or even an abnormal cell multiplication and you emerge out healed, repaired and restored, as simple as walking in and coming out of a carwash.

 It is obvious that Man’s belief Systems has always been conditioned by the observations of his environment and pertains to the era in which he lives.

A glimpse of what happens in a man’s mind and the factors influencing his belief systems – An inevitable key to be considered in marketing.