Education Marketing Lists

Why go for Boffins Data Educational mailing lists?

Whether you want to attract students in your region, or educational business prospects across the country, or promote your educational products and services in a Geo specific location, Boffins Data can help you be noticed by people who are more likely to respond to your offer.

Boffins Data’s Academic Mailing Database is compiled from Universities, Colleges, Educational Institutions and Research Centers all around the world. Our targeted Mailing lists ideal to reach out to Colleges, Universities, Schools, and Academics Sector Targeted Marketing Lists. 

Our Educational Marketing Lists help you reach out to Key Decision Makers in the Educational Sector. We also offer you a wide variety of list to choose from like Teachers, Principals, Head of Departments, Research Staff, Non teaching personnel and students, 

Our top selling lists K-12 schools, helps businesses connect with the right person for their products and services.

At Boffins, we take pride to call ourselves experts in providing Educational Marketing Lists covering Colleges, Universities, Libraries, K-12 Schools, and Vocational Education Institutes and many more. We offer mailing lists of academic professionals who are responsive to education material like books and magazines, offers on tutorials, mail order catalogs, subscriptions etc.

If you want to attract new students in your own region, we can compile a comprehensive list that is curated just for your needs. Boffins Data higher education direct mail or higher education email marketing lists will save you money, time and help you achieve measurable results at enrollment time.

Get an A + with Boffins Data as your partner

With Boffins data as your Academic sector marketing partner you will be able to:

• Pinpoint prospects based on geo specific locations
• Target millions of current high school seniors and juniors
• Segment responsive prospective students for direct email marketing
• Attract adults who want to continue their studies
• Increase your enrollment applications

The salient features of Boffins data education marketing lists are:

Organizational details

Year Established, Type of Organization (Private or Government/University or College), Number of Local and International Campuses and the respective contact details, Level of Education provided by the Organization such as Undergraduate or Postgraduate,
Organization Structure
Faculties / Colleges (Ex – Faculty / College of Science), Departments, University affiliated Research Centers, Teaching Hospitals, and Laboratories etc.

Library Mailing List

University Main Library, Faculty Libraries, Chief Librarian and subject specific Librarians

Designation Based Marketing List

Group 1: Key decision makers, Dean of faculties, head of departments, director of centers, library managers, group in charges
Group 2: Teaching personnel, professors, lecturers
Group 3: Administration staff- Research managers, International liaison officers, registrars, policymakers, business managers

Subject Specific Mailing list

This is one of Boffins Data’s signature solutions which marks us apart from other mailing list providers. The lists are compiled and classified based on the research interests of the individual. For example:
Broad spectrum such as physics or Niche areas such as quantum physics. This theme can be as generalized or specific as you would like.

We are experts in providing educational marketing lists that cover 

Basic and advanced science -Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc
Medicine and health care 
Engineering and technology- Electrical and electronics engineering, Bio instrumentation, Mechanical engineering, Computer engineering
Business and management -Economics, Business and Management related

Subject Coding 

We also offer contacts categorized based on the research interest of people and indexed as per our standardized or required subject classification code. Or if you have a list and want that to be Subject coded as per your Business classification we can help you with that.

Course Details and Course Instructors Marketing List

Boffins data lists will also take care to meet your requirements in the following categories:
Courses offered by universities
Semester details
Course instructor
Books adopted

So, if you have a publication, product or service that you would like to promote to people in the academic sector, please feel free to fill in a request form with details of your products /promotions. We will be more than happy to help you build a suitable list recommendation or customized mailing list options.