Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical (STEM) Research Marketing Lists

Research and development play a very important part in the success of a business. Research and development are crucial segments of any industry. It is this function of a company that provides a platform for creativity and innovation to thrive and prosper.

Groundbreaking discoveries and inventions not only improve the quality of life but also save lives. R&D is not confined to any one sector but finds its use almost everywhere. From private research laboratories to government organizations and from corporate sectors to hospitals, research and development is responsible for developing new products and knowledge.

 Boffin’s data brings you well researched, carefully curated and custom-made R&D mailing lists to ensure that your product or services are targeted towards the right people in the research and development field.

With Boffin’s Data research and development mailing lists and email lists, you can reach decision makers and industry leaders in a wide range of markets which require research and development.

Our lists contain details of individuals who deal with Pharma research, industrial research, science research and more.

Boffins data scientific mailing lists allow you to send email offers directly to the inboxes of top executives and engineers with direct purchasing power. These professionals are involved in a variety of public, private, industrial and commercial industries who design and develop products and components for the defense, automotive, medical, software, aerospace and energy markets.

You will be able to connect with decisionmakers who search solutions in developing high quality technical products and improve existing technologies.

The sectors that we specialize in are:

  • Crown Research Institutes: Crown research institutes are Corporatized Crown institutes that oversee scientific research. Data in sectors like agriculture, food, environmental and landcare is crucial for these researches.
  • Research Policy Makers: Research policy is devoted to analyzing, understanding and responding to economic policy and management. Data is needed for the challenges faced in designing and developing these policies.

Clinical Research: Obtaining the right type of information to determine the safety and effectiveness of medicines, diagnostic products, and treatment procedures is important in clinical research.

  • Private Laboratories: Private laboratories aim to reach out to maximum number of research and development companies to promote their services With the help of mailing lists.
  • Hospital and Retail Pharmacies: Hospital and retail pharmacies require details of persons struggling with various ailments in order to extend awareness of medications and hospitalization services successfully.
  • Medical/Hospital Research: Information on hospitals willing to participate in various researches and studies can be obtained from the right medical research marketing list.
  • Contract Research Organizations: Contract research organizations provide support to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries and mailing lists specializing in these industries would assist in this purpose.
  • Allied Health Specialists: These professionals apply their expertise to diagnose, prevent and treat disease. A custom designed mailing list will help in getting in touch with the top-rated allied health specialists.
  • Clinical Trials and Contacts: Clinical trials mostly need funding and backing from the right organizations and corporations to conduct their trials smoothly.


Do not let your sales and marketing efforts be compromised by incomplete or outdated data. Get in touch with us and access our database of completely standardized records, updated email and phone data.

Boffins Data will help you manage prospecting or marketing in multiple ways from email communication to direct mailing!

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