Invest in Web Scraping to enhance your Business Outreach!

Web Scraping also commonly known as Web Data Extraction/Web Content Extraction/Web Data Harvesting/Data Mining is an automated process used to gather information from websites.

Scores of valuable data lies locked up in Major online Directories. When tapped into, these data carry the potential to transform into your valuable clients. However Restricted Public Access, Limited Search Results, heavy subscription amount access a few percentage of data, and high security makes it difficult for the public to make use of the data.

Be it any type of website - You name it and we will scrape it for you! 

With a passion to serve businesses, our data experts have now made it easy for you to get hands on these data with ease. Web Scraping offers you data assets that can take your business to your business to a higher level or enhance your service/product outreach, or boost your Marketing.

  • Travel or Tourism 
  • Hotel and Accommodation
  • Professional Directories of diverse Industries such as Medical, Healthcare, Lawyers, Finance, Education etc
  • Real Estate 
  • Yellow Pages
  • White Pages
  • Email Scraping
  • E-commerce Sites
  • Social Media Sites such as LindkedIn, Facebook etc
  • Login Sites
  • Product Extraction and Price Monitoring

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